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5 Small Business Ideas in Hungary

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Small-Business-Ideas-in-Hungary.jpgHungary, a member state of the European Union, is located in the Central Europe. Many business fields are very well developed here and the market provides good business opportunities for small businesses. A small company is defined by a limited number of employees, less than 10, and such businesses are strongly recommended for families or individuals who want to carry out operations in their own name. Our team of Hungarian company incorporation representatives can assist foreign persons who want to access Hungary in order to start a company here. 

1. Car wash business in Hungary 

Those who want to incorporate a business in Hungary can opt to start a car wash business, because this type of commercial activity does not require a large number of employees. It is important to know that the car industry is the fastest developing field set up here and that most of the locals have their own car

2. Textile manufacturing company in Hungary 

The textile manufacturing companies can enter into contract with large companies operating on the fashion industry. Businessmen interested in this field should know that the incorporation process is similar with the one set up for other types of companies

3. Beauty salon business in Hungary 

Investors interested in opening a company on the Hungarian market can establish a beauty salon, which is a very common type of business carried out here, due to a vivid interest of the consumer market. Beauty salons can provide many types of services and they can also use various devices created to improve the well-being of a person. It is important to know that this type of business will require special permits or licenses, which will attest that the establishment meets the sanitation standards; our team of Hungarian company incorporation agents can offer more details on this matter. 

4. Plumbing services business in Hungary 

One of the ways in which a small business can access the local market is through plumbing services, which are very popular, due to a high demand. 

5. Catering business in Hungary  

When entering the catering industry, the investors should obtain special permits, issued in accordance with the services provided to the customers. For example, if the catering company – which can be set up as a small restaurant, pub or bar, serves alcoholic beverages, the investors will need alcohol licenses
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the business opportunities available for small businesses in Hungary can address to our team of Hungarian company incorporation consultants for assistance. 


  • Dean 2016-07-22

    Thank you for the tips. From all the businesses you have mentioned, I think the most suitable would be in the catering industry.

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