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How to Find an Office for Your Company in Hungary

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How-to-Find-an-Office-for-Your-Company-in-Hungary.jpgWhen opening a company in a foreign country, the investor will have to take into consideration many aspects, including the identification of the perfect location for the company’s office. In doing so, the businessmen will need to refine their search in accordance with the specific operations carried out by the company, the overall budget, the size of the company and many others. Hungary represents an important business market, where many industries are welcoming foreign investors and our team of company formation representatives can offer their assistance in finding a suitable office

Renting an office space in Hungary  

Most of the businessmen in Hungary rent the office in which they will perform business activities. However, some prefer to purchase a property
Foreign investors may take this decision taking into consideration their budget and long-term business plans. However, those who are interested in company formation in Hungary should know that renting an office here represents a simple procedure. 
The businessmen will have to sign a contract with a Hungarian entity, in which clear details, such as the renting price, the availability period of the agreement, rights and obligations of the parties and many others, will have to be stipulated and our team of company formation consultants in Hungary can offer legal advice on the provisions of such contracts. 
The renting prices range between EUR 7 – EUR 22 per square meter in the Budapest area, which is the capital city of the country. The prices differ in accordance with their location, surface, facilities and many others. 

Choosing a location for a Hungarian company  

Those who are interested in company registration in Hungary should also consider the location in which they want to establish their business. Companies performing industrial activities are usually situated in marginal areas of the city, while those providing services are situated in more crowded areas, as they do not necessarily need a large office space. 
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  • Jack 2016-10-04

    I'd like to set up a telecommunication business in Hungary and I need help with the registration procedure.

    Hello Jack! 

    Thank you for your comment. We can definitely help you register a company in Hungary. Please send us all the details about your project at: office(at)lawyershungary.com. We will respond as fast as possible. Have a great day!

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