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The number of tourists increased in August 2016 in Hungary

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The-number-of-tourists-increased-in-August-2016-in-Hungary.jpgThe tourism industry in Hungary performs very well, as the number of the incoming tourists increased in August 2016 by 3,6%, compared to the same month of the previous year.  At the same time, the Central Statistical Office in Hungary presented data on the local tourists and it is important to know that they are represented even better, as the number of local visitors increased by 6,8%. Thus, those interested in opening a company in Hungary can set up a business in this field and our team of specialists in company formation can provide assistance on the incorporation procedures, but also on the licenses which are necessary for this industry. 

Tourism industry in Hungary in August 2016 

The tourism industry in Hungary is flourishing and those who are interested in Hungarian company formation should know that the accommodation industry reported very good results, in the sense that the gross revenues of the accommodation units increased by 5,6%. Our team of company formation representatives in Hungary can offer more information on how to establish a hotel in this country. 
At the level of August 2016, foreign tourists spent a total number of 1,9 million nights in Hungary, as mentioned by the Central Statistical Office. The number of nights spent by local visitors in the Hungarian accommodation units comprised more than 2,3 million nights
When referring to the demographics aspects, it is important to know that the foreign visitors are very well represented by the Polish and Czech tourists, whose number rose by 15% and 20%.  Increases of up to 8,7% were reported in the case of tourists arriving from the following states: 
the Netherlands;
United Kingdom. 

Hungarian tourism in 2016 

From the beginning of the year, Hungarian accommodation units registered a total number of 19,628 nights spent by tourists (including both local and foreign visitors), which represents an increase of 5,5% compared to 2015. 
Foreign visitors’ share increased in this period by 4% and the hotel occupancy rate also increased by 56,1%. 
Businessmen who are interested in the tourism industry in Hungary are invited to contact our company formation agents for more details on the registration of a Hungarian company


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