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Open a Hotel in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Hungary is a country rich in touristic resources, capable to sustain a large amount of investments in the accommodation industry. The strategic location between western and eastern Europe is another reason for which the accommodation market in Hungary is such a successful economic area. If you intend to open a hotel in Hungary you can call on one of our Hungarian company formation specialists.  

Factors to consider when you intend to open a hotel in Hungary

When you plan to set up a lodging structure in Hungary you have to decide on several aspects such as the location, the type of services that you will provide and the size of the hotel. You have to think as well whether you intend to provide metropolitan accommodation or to invest in a more remote area. 
An investor in the accommodation market in Hungary can be an independent business or a chain company extending in this country. Accordingly your goals and strategy will be different and will depend in great measure on the allocated budget for the project. Before effectively starting the business we strongly recommend you to look for professional company formation services in Hungary.

Legal aspects to be considered when you open a hotel in Hungary

A hotel is a type of business that sometimes requires for its functioning the obtaining of special licenses. Depending on the city where you decide to set up a lodging structure in Hungary you might be required to obtain additional permits. Whether you plan to provide additional services to the accommodation ones you will be asked to receive approval from the authorities. Such services might include the functioning of a restaurant, spa, swimming pool, beauty services etc.  
Whether you decide to buy an already constructed building or to build a new one for your lodging structure, you will have to make sure you respect the requirements imposed by the authorities. Another important step that shouldn’t be overlooked in your investment in the accommodation market in Hungary is the application for the obtaining of a tax identification number
We invite you to contact us and to employ the services of our Hungarian company formation specialists for an efficient and hassle free set up of your hotel in this country


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