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Open a SPV Company in Hungary

Updated on Saturday 07th January 2023

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An investor planning to open a SPV company in Hungary is making an important step towards risk minimization. The special purpose vehicles (SPVs) are enterprises representing an important protection element from bankruptcy or other losses. A Hungarian company formation expert can help you establish a SPV company in Hungary and safely continue your business in this country.

Advantages of SPV companies in Hungary

Securitization is starting to become more and more popular in Hungary and an interesting option for big companies intending to safely invest in this country and in Eastern Europe. The SPV provides risk isolation thus permitting capital raise and options for debt structuring. It allows an enterprise to isolate assets and to simplify several financial issues. It can offer your projects protection from operational problems and it allows the realization of different financial transactions.
Apart from its importance in the transfer of risk, you might as well consider to establish a financial vehicle corporation in Hungary as a source for founding. The company registration in Hungary is a simple procedure allowing you to establish a SPV as soon as possible. 

How to open a SPV company in Hungary?

The SPVs can be a subsidiary company that a larger parent company incorporates in order to reduce risks and to easily manage the financial aspects of the company. The SPV is also helpful in case of selling, by simplifying in a significant measure the procedure.
You can register a SPV under one of the legal forms available in Hungary, such as Limited Liability Company or limited shares company. When you decide to set up a special purpose vehicle in Hungary you should keep in mind several key factors. One of them is to find a company which is capable to provide you with sufficient financial and legal facilities. The next step is to conclude an agreement between your company and the assignor. One of our specialists in Hungarian company formation can help you with the securitization transaction.
We kindly invite all investors intending to open a SPV company in Hungary to contact one of our company incorporation experts in this country who can give you useful information on the company formation procedure in Hungary.
Please contact our team of accountants in Hungary for advice on the accounting procedures applicable to a SPV company. This company type has its own particularities when it comes to taxation, therefore receiving professional assistance would be recommended. 
At the end of the financial year, the SPV must prepare its financial statements, and this must be done by accountants with expertise in the field. 


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