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Start a Fast Food in Hungary

Updated on Wednesday 29th April 2020

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Hungary is a fast modern economy that offers a safe business environment for those who want to open a food business. If you intend to start a fast food in Hungary you must do it according to the Hungarian regulations regarding health standards and taxation laws. Our Hungarian specialists in company formation can assist you with professional company registration services in the country, thus thus granting you a good start on this market.

Several conditions for starting a fast food in Hungary 

The Hungarian state has several regulations regarding the functioning of a fast food. Some of them concern the employment of qualified personnel, other refer to kitchen standards. You will have to be careful regarding the quality maintenance of your products and it is recommended to hire certified cooks. There are as well certain conditions imposed on the opening hours of your fast food that you must keep in mind when you open your company in Hungary.   

First steps of starting a fast food in Hungary

One of the first steps in starting a fast food business in Hungary is to decide on the legal structure under which you are going to function. One of the most popular and suitable type of company that you can choose is the limited liability structure. There is a specific procedure for the registration of this company, and our specialists in Hungarian company formation matters can help you gather the required documentation and overcome the language barrier that you might encounter as a foreign investor.
Choosing a right name for your company is also a key aspect for a successful business. In order to simplify the formation process you might be interested in purchasing a shelf company which has already a successful business history behind. 
Another important step is to get informed on the local market and competition, and to find the right suppliers for your business.
Don’t overlook the location of the business because it can increase your visibiliy and it can have a decisive influence on the success of your fast food in Hungary.
Feel free to contact our experts in company formation in Hungary that can offer you the needed support with the start of your fast food business in this country.  

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