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Shelf Companies in Hungary

Updated on Tuesday 14th September 2021

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What is a shelf company?

A shelf company in Hungary is an excellent option for foreign investors who do not want to register a new company in Hungary. These companies have already been incorporated but have been left dormant, meaning that they have no commercial activities but have all of the incorporation documents in order.
The only step you will need to make in order to be able to begin working with your Hungarian company is to change the ownership of the company to your name. This is a simple process and the experts at our Hungarian law firm can help you complete the paperwork in the shortest amount of time possible.

What are the advantages of a shelf company?

The main advantage of a shelf company in Hungary is that owners do not have to go through the company incorporation process and handle all the legal matters. 
Another benefit offered by shelf companies in Hungary is that the company is already established on the market and this gives it credibility and age. This can be particularly useful for creditors and biding on contracts. A shelf company has a registered address in Hungary and we can also provide other services that will be needed after the company has commenced its activities, like accountancy

Is a shelf company right for you?

Hungary has a medium sized economy but nevertheless it is an important business destination among the Central European countries. Hungarian companies incorporated by foreign investors can be fully owned and controlled by their foreign directors.
Shelf companies in Hungary can take the form of the most common business types used in the country, like limited liability companies. These types of companies have a variety of ages and names and investors can choose the one that best suits their business and commercial interests in Hungary.
Our law firm in Hungary offers you the possibility to purchase a ready-made company that has been incorporated recently in Hungary or that has a certain age and suits different business needs.
Prices for shelf companies can very according to numerous aspects. For detailed information about the ownership transfer and prices, please contact our Hungarian law firm.

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