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Accounting Services in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Accounting requirements in Hungary

Most of the available types of business in Hungary must comply with the accounting principles in the country and observe the general rules for taxation. Our company offers complete and professional accounting services, suited for any kind of company, regardless of size or business sector. Accounting and bookkeeping procedures in Hungary are regulated by law and they comply with international and European accounting principles.
The accounting records and financial reports for Hungarian companies must be draw up in Hungarian and according to the accounting principles. Our accountants in Hungary can help you submit these mandatory records and reports so that your company may not be liable to any penalties that can arise from failure to submit the necessary statements.

Professional accounting services for Hungarian companies

After a company is registered in Hungary, entrepreneurs need to consider hiring an accountant that will keep any necessary records and will follow through the business activity of the company. Investing in professional accounting services, as well as business consulting services, can prove to be of great importance to companies and a professional consultant will always be able to find the best solutions for any problem the company might incur. 
Our Hungarian company formation experts are professionals with experience in accounting, bookkeeping and legal requirements for companies in Hungary. Not only can we provide complete services in the accounting field, but we can also offer you payroll services, financial and tax consulting services and even human resources services.

Other services for your business in Hungary

Our accounting and company formation agents in Hungary can also offer audit services for Hungarian companies. Businesses that are required to observe the regulations for double-entry bookkeeping are also required to appoint an auditor. While the appointment of an auditor might not be necessary if the company fulfills certain conditions, businesses can still choose to voluntarily hire an auditor.
Our Hungarian company incorporation consultants can perform qualified audits that observe the regulations set forth by the Hungarian National Auditing Standards.
If you want to open a company in Hungary, please do not hesitate to contact our Hungarian company incorporation agents for more information.

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