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Work Permit in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 17th December 2020

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Both employers and employees need to be aware on how to acquire a work permit in Hungary. Employers need to obtain an approval from the Ministry of Labor before they can hire foreigners and employees need to obtain a work permit before they can actually start working. It must also be proven that no other Hungarian citizen is suitable for the position that will be occupied by the foreigner. The approval of the application for work permit in Hungary will normally take up to thirty days. Let our Hungarian company formation specialists walk you through the process.

Foreigners acquiring work permit in Hungary

Citizens of countries that are part of the European Economic Area are not required to apply for work permits or visa in Hungary. All they need is a passport and they will be allowed to work. Foreign spouses of Hungarian citizens may also avail of this benefit. Citizens of non-member states of the EEA, on the other hand, are required to have a work permit and visa. They must also secure a residence permit before they can enter into a contract of employment in Hungary with any employer and for them to legally reside in the country. Our experts in company formation in Hungary can provide you with details on how to start working in the country.

Work permit process in Hungary

Before Hungarian companies can hire foreign nationals, they must first post the job offering at the Hungarian Labor Office for a period of fifteen days. This is to give priority to Hungarian citizens to apply for the position. After the expiration of the fifteen day period, the employer may apply for a work permit in Hungary on behalf of the foreigner. This would normally take ten to fifteen days. An employment contract between the employer and the foreigner must first be executed before an application for work permit is entertained. Once the work permit is granted, the foreign citizen must apply for a work visa at the Hungarian Consulate in the country where he/she resides. The validity for both the work permit and the working visa in Hungary is only two years. Upon expiration, the employee may wish to have it renewed to continue his/her stay in the country. We have specialists in company formation in Hungary that can help you comply with the needed requirements.

Get all the information you need about work permits, just contact our experts in company formation in Hungary. They are more than willing to assist you.


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