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The Court of Company Registration in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Characteristics of the Court of Company Registration

The Ministry of Justice in Hungary administrates the Court of Company Registration, the institution where all companies set up in Hungary must register. The Court has regional branches that fulfill the process of registration of a business or legal entity. It is also the source of information regarding the company information.

Responsabilities of the Court of Company Registration in Hungary

Among the tasks of the Trade Register of Hungary, the institution handles the registration process and documents of the companies, traders, partnerships, sole proprietorships, merchants and so on. The newly Electronic Registration Procedure represents an online service regarding company information. The Trade Register is an official information source. The request and obtaining the information are for free.

The Registry of Commerce from Hungary offers information regarding registered companies. Anyone interested can obtain information such as registration number, social security numbers, main activity, social capital and registered office. The procedures of liquidation and bankruptcy are regulated by the Court of Company Registration.

Online information and registration with the Court of Company Registration in Hungary

The website of the Company Registrar in Hungary is the channel through which all types of companies and legal entities register their application forms. Information is submitted by the e-Registration application in an XML file and includes contracts, forms, and company procedure e-signatures, scanning e-signatures, receipt and a registration e-mail address.

The online database of the Hungarian Trade Register is accessible to those interested to find information about the registered companies. The search criteria can be set after the company name, the VAT number or the registration number. It is the attribute of the institution to provide certified copies of legal documents of companies, upon request.

Changing the registered information 

Registered companies must notify the Hungarian Commercial Register upon changes made regarding the submitted information. To inform the institution, a form available online can be obtained. This must be done in case of changes like replacement of shareholders, of managing bodies, headquarters or social capital. It takes a few days for the decision to be approved.

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